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Nitriding / Nitrocarburising

Fluidised Bed Nitriding

Gas nitriding is a form of case hardening which leaves a very hard, wear resistant nitride layer on the surface of a steel component being treated.

Ammonia, a nitrogen rich donor gas, is heated to a temperature at which it disassociates into its constituent parts, nitrogen and hydrogen. The nitrogen then diffuses into the surface of the component upon contact.

Fluidised bed nitriding is a specialised form of gas nitriding whereby a mixture of the donor gas and nitrogen is used to fluidise a heated bed of particulate. The rapid heat up and short furnace recovery times of fluidised beds allow the complete nitriding process times to be drastically reduced.

At Beta we ask you to tell us what you want to achieve, tell us the case depth and we will produce what you require in the shortest practical time.

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