"Europe's largest fluidised bed heat treater and manufacturer of fluidised beds"

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Welcome to Clayton Holding Group

Clayton Thermal Processes Limited are approved to ISO 9001 standard for the marketing and manufacture of a range of equipment used for the heat treatment of metals, paint stripping, polymer removal and foundry processes. Our products include:-

  • Fluidised bed heat treatment furnaces
  • Fluidised bed polymer removal systems
  • Fluidised bed paint stripping systems
  • Other thermal systems for polymer removal
  • Paint stripping ovens
  • Foundry sand purification systems
  • Decoring Furnaces

The holding group of Clayton furnaces, Betaheat treament and Clayton thermal processes.

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Clayton Holding group
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Summerton Road,
West Midlands,
B69 2EL,
Tel : + (44) 0 121 511 1190
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